Framing Under Glass

Vintage Maharajas Framed

Vintage Maharaja Photographs Framed under UV Glazing by ART101

The main reasons for glazing in art framing is to properly protect the work of art or photograph from damaging Queensland factors such as our high humidity and temperatures, ravenous insects, general household dust and grime and finally, intense sunlight and destructive ultraviolet rays.

Glazing for preservation framing is generally used for works rendered on paper or fabrics and photographs. These works contain pigments and dyes that tend to absorb UV light and are at risk of fading and discoloration without adequate glazing.

With a variety of glazing options available such as non-reflective for ultimate display and UV protection for conservation; a consultation with our framer will identify the best option for your framing project and budget. No appointment is necessary and onsite parking is available.

ART101 Framing offers the following glazing options:

Standard Glass

Suitable for any items that require framing on a modest budget. Standard glass is best for presentations installed in a controlled lighting environment.

Inexpensive Posters


UV Glass

Original Charcoal Drawing Under UV Glass Framed by ART101

Original Charcoal Drawing Under UV Glass Framed by ART101

Ideal for framing works that require protection from the harsh Queensland sunlight and damaging ultraviolet rays.

UV glazing reduces fading over time to preserve and protect your valuable artwork.

Recommended for items that will be displayed in natural light-filled rooms.

Recommended For:
Artwork Prints



Museum Glass

Museum Glass - Original Charcoal Portrait framed by ART101

Museum Glass – Original Charcoal Portrait Framed by ART101

The ultimate option in conservation grade glazing. Museum glass has a virtually invisible finish which protects against UV light and minimizes the risk of fading. The non-reflective properties of museum glass ensure the artwork or photography can be viewed from any angle without reflections obscuring the image. Museum glass is highly recommended for the following:

Original artworks on paper or fabric such as:
Silk Paintings
Ink renderings
Irreplaceable display items such as:
Vintage Photographs
Vintage Posters

Plexi-Glass / Acrylic

Large Limited Edition Print under Acrylic framed by ART101

Large Limited Edition Print under Acrylic framed by ART101

A perfect alternative for large artworks as the lightweight nature of acrylic will keep the overall weight of your framed artwork manageable which means easier installation.

Acrylic is also a popular alternative for very valuable artworks that could be damaged in the event that traditional glass breaks. Museums often use acrylic for glazing valuable works on paper.

Acrylic is a great alternative for artists whose work may need to travel to exhibitions and galleries.

Suitable for:
Large artworks – reduces overall hanging weight
Valuable artworks at risk if glass is broken
Art moved often – less susceptible to breakage