Materials List – ACRYLICS

Acrylic Brands we recommend : Atelier, Derivan Matisse, Reeves, Winsor & Newton

Large Titanium White
Large Cadmium Yellow
Small/med Lemon Yellow
Small/med Cadmium Red
Small/med Alizarin Crimson
Small/med Ultramarine Blue
Small/med Pthalo Blue
Small/med Dioxazine Purple
Small/med Yellow Ochre
Small/med Burnt Umber
Small/med Payne’s Grey
Optional Colours
Cerulean Blue
Rose Madder
Raw Umber
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
And anything else that rocks your socks!
For Textures
Impasto Medium
Modelling Paste
Tear off paper palette
Assorted Painting/Palette Knives
Wide Gesso brush set (3)
Flat Taklon Bristle – sml, med & large (sold individually with blue handle)
We recommend getting yourself a big plastic toolbox (like a tradie would have) to store your kit in (get this after you have got your materials so you can choose one that will fit it all in)
Either a stretched canvas or a canvas board are suitable – this is your preference. We have a studio size limit of 60cm x 90cm however we recommend you start with a 50cm x 60cm canvas.
From home
Roll of Paper towels
Old hand/bath towel
Apron or painting shirt


This materials list is available from various art shops including Art Shed West End, Oxlades & Eckersleys