Materials List – OILS

NOTE: We operate a turpentine-free studio (nasty, toxic stuff!) so please DO NOT bring this to class.

Brand we recommend : Art Spectrum Artists Oils

Stretched Canvas or Canvas Board

Large Titanium White
Large Cadmium (Medium) Yellow
Small/med Cadmium Red (or Cad Substitute)
Small/med Alizarin Crimson
Small/med Ultramarine Blue
Small/med Cerulean Blue
Small/med Raw Umber
Small/med Burnt Sienna
Small/med Payne’s Grey
Further colours can be added over time
Small/med tube of Vermillion Acrylic
Small bottle standard Linseed Oil
Small Art Spectrum Liquol
Tear off paper palette (A3 size preferable)
Palette Knife set – (Mont Marte nylon zipper case set of 6 assorted sizes)
Stiff Taklon Flat – sml, med & large (Mont Marte long blue handle brush)
Stiff Taklon Filbert – sml, med & large (Mont Marte long blue handle brush)
Soft Taklon Flat Medium sized (2 inch Mont Marte orange handle brush)
Small Bottle of ‘Incredible Brush Cleaner’
Small Bottle ‘Zest It’ Spirit Cleaner
From home
Roll of Paper towels
Old hand/bath towel
Small Glass Jar (like a baby food jar with good lid that won’t leak)

 We recommend a large fishing/tool box or a small hardcover suitcase on wheels to keep your kit in

This materials list is available from various art shops including Art Shed West End, Oxlades & Eckersleys – Please No Substitutes for specifically named products