Materials List – WATERCOLOURS

Brushes – Imitation Sable ( Size 4, 8, 12 & 20)

Plastic Palette – Large rectangular with lid

Fabriano Watercolour Pad A3 (to start)
1 x 640gsm 56 x 76cm Sheet of Cold Press Watercolour Paper (ongoing)
Watercolour Travel Diary (to start)
Gum Arabic
Masking Fluid
Small ‘Squeezy’ Bottle
Small Water bucket with split compartments 

ONLY W&N Artists OR Schminke OR MaiMeri Blu watercolour tube paints
Burnt Sienna
French Ultramarine / Ultramarine Deep
Alizarin Crimson / Venetian Red
Permanent Rose / Tiziano Red
Permanent Sap Green
Gamboge / Transparent Yellow / Primary Yellow
+ Any other colours that really appeal to you. 

From Home
Box of Tissues
Hand towel 

This materials list links to The Art Shed West End – Please No Substitutes for specific products. MaiMeri Blu Paints link to Cavalier Art Supplies.