ART101 Studio @ S.P.A.C.E Kenmore | Cnr Branton & Paley Street| Kenmore Hills

About the Studio

ART101 studio in Brisbane is a relaxed and informal creative environment for absolute beginners to explore painting and drawing under the guidance of a career artist who is dedicated to your success. Offering both weekly art classes and one day art workshops, ART101 caters to the dedicated beginner and the 'weekend' artist who likes to dabble on the odd occasion. 

Discover how to see like an artist and translate that to canvas or paper. Everyone has creative potential that is easily unlocked with the right guide.

With no set topics, you choose which project you would like to work on during our weekly art classes. From contemporary techniques, including texture and collage, through to more traditional painting techniques with brush and palette knife work, ART101 classes offer a great deal of flexibility and best of all, choice.

Your tutor, Mel Sebastian works with you as an individual – one size does not fit all. Unlike 'paint & sip' events that rely on the sipping to make the painting feel/look good, at ART101 you will discover your REAL potential for creative expression under the guidance of a professional practicing artist who has dedicated years to accumulating a trove of skills. Fine art IS fun art. 

ART101’s small class size means you can work on a project that really rocks your socks and stay confident while we demystify the art making process. With a maximum of 8 students per weekly studio session you are treated as an individual, ensuring your success. 

When you attend ART101’s art classes do bring along a ‘wishlist’:
* Samples of other artists’ work that appeal to you so we can see the style you are drawn to.
* A variety of photographs as reference so that you work on a project tailored to your interests.

Studio sessions include regular demonstrations, practical application tips and simplified theory that is relevant to your project.

As well as our weekly studio sessions, each month we offer One Day Art Play workshops for you to get a 'taste' of creativity or to explore a new medium you may want to try. Each workshop has a set topic and all materials are supplied for use on the day. These sessions are all about fun and discovery and completing an artwork (or 2 or 3) to take home. Suitable for absolute beginners and those wanting a more authentic art experience than a cookie-cutter paint and sip session. Why not bring along a friend or two for the adventure?