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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Art Tuition Services

By purchasing classes or workshops you agree to the following: 


    • Adult art classes may only be purchased in class blocks of 10 or 20 two hour classes (studio sessions). Full payment is required at time of purchase either in cash; online, via the Art101 website ( using Shopify's secure payment portal; or by EFT to the studio's nominated account upon invoicing.
    • A class block is not transferable and may only be used by one person (ie. a class block may not be shared between two or more people).
    • Limited spaces means all cancellations/no shows are charged irrespective of reason.
    • A class block must be commenced within 1 month from date of purchase.
    • Time Limits apply to purchased class blocks:
      The 10 Class block must be used in its entirety in a consecutive manner within 12 weeks from the date of the first class attended.
      The 20 Class block must be used in its entirety in a consecutive manner within 22 weeks from the date of the first class attended. After these time frames, any remaining classes are no longer valid as we do not hold classes in credit indefinitely.
    • Classes should be booked one week in advance to ensure availability. Bookings can be made via text message to 0450 422 545 or in person during studio sessions, by writing your name in the class diary.

    • Junior, Children’s & Teens term classes are a fixed program and any missed classes cannot be carried over to the following term or rescheduled. There are no ‘make up’ classes for student absences. Please ensure your child can attend all dates from start to finish.
    • Should the studio cancel a class due to exceptional or unforeseen circumstances, an alternative date will be rescheduled.
    • All bookings are final and non-refundable should your child choose to withdraw at any time during the term; in other words we do not offer change of mind refunds. It is important to discuss with the tutor, any student issues with the classes as they arise.
    • Age restrictions apply - please do not book and pay for the term if your child is under the age restriction (unless by prior agreement). Proof of age is required. 

  • General
      • Art classes & workshops may not be recorded on any device; this includes video, audio or still photography. Students may photograph their own artwork. Permission should be sought should you wish to photograph another student's work.

      • Your tutor will photograph you and your artwork in order to record your progress as well as for marketing purposes: these images may be shared on the art101 website; social media accounts; newsletters; general communication regarding studio tuition services; and the press media. Images will be credited with the artist's first name.

      • Artworks created in the studio, under the guidance of the tutor may not be sold (original artwork and/or prints) or entered into any art competitions. Artworks created in classes with the aid of your tutor cannot be considered original works solely created by you, rather they are collaborative in nature since your tutor guides every step of the process as well performs demonstrations on the artwork during the process. The Studio MUST be credited as assisting in the creation of said artworks in the event of publication on any website, social media account and any/all digital /print publications.

      • By attending weekly art classes and/or workshops, attendees agree that all information, techniques, methods, medium formulas, modified tools and any other data shared within weekly art classes and workshops is for personal use only. This will be referred to as 'Studio Intellectual Property'. A permanent restraint of trade will apply to all workshop & weekly art class attendees in that:
        • a non-competition restriction applies worldwide. This means weekly art class and workshop attendees may not use any studio intellectual property for any financial gain, publicity or any other form of direct or indirect compensation eg: attendees may not: conduct/facilitate any form of art tuition using studio intellectual property; Collate and publish studio intellectual property whether physical or digital; share publicly on any platform (digital, broadcast or physical).

      • As per Qld legislation, our consumer guarantee is to provide our services with due care and skill. This means that we:

        • take care to avoid loss or damage
        • meet a level of professional skill or knowledge.
        • We do not provide change of mind refunds.