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Set of Warm Primaries + Black & White
Set of Cool Primaries
And any other colours that rock your socks!

For Textures

Impasto Medium
Clear Gel Medium
Retarder (A must have to slow the drying process in our hot climate)

Tear off paper palette
Assorted Painting Knives
Assorted Palette Knives
Foam Brushes
Wide Gesso Brushes
Brush set (3)Flat Taklon Bristle – sml, med & large
Brush Set (for Acrylics NOT needed for Abstracts)

Create art stretched canvases or Canvas Boards

From home
Roll of Paper towels
Disposable plastic food containers with lids for mixing colours (we won’t be disposing these – just the description)
Baby Wet Wipes
Old hand/bath towel
Apron or painting shirt
We recommend getting yourself a big plastic fishing/toolbox to store your kit in (get this after you have bought your materials so you can choose one that will fit it all in).