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CHARCOAL Drawing Art Classes - Brisbane

Artists' charcoal is a dry medium either made from finely ground organic materials held together by a gum or wax binder, or produced by scorching wood such as willow branches. Charcoals are used by artists for the principle purpose of drawing and mark making. 

The versatility of c
harcoal means one can produce lines that are very light to intensely black. Most charcoals are easily erased and require 'fixing' in order to preserve a drawing or sketch.  If you've only ever drawn with a pencil you will be astounded at just how wonderful it is to work in charcoal. 

From portraiture to figure drawing to preparatory sketch studies, charcoal is a foundation medium of both drawing and painting disciplines. 

Brisbane Charcoal Portrait Drawing Art Classes for Beginners
Here are some examples of absolute newbie students' work in the studio.

In the Brisbane studio, our focus is on portraiture and still life, initially using the grid method as you train your eye to see shape and shading. As you progress with regular at-home practice, so your grid will comprise of less and less blocks so that eventually, you will use merely a crosshair guide to help plot the outlines of your subject. This method has yielded consistently successful results for all new students, regardless of experience.

Say goodbye to stick figures forever!

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