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Materials List - SOFT PASTELS

These two lists are specific to the subject matter and style.

List 1: Pastel Pencil Realism - Animal Portraiture & Still Life
CarbOthello Pastel Pencil Set
PastelMat Pad
Graphite Transfer Paper White & Black
Adjustable Drawing Board 


List 2: Pastel Sticks Impressionism - Landscapes & Still Life
Which set you choose depends on your budget.

Soho Soft Pastel Half Stick Set of 90 
Sennelier Soft Pastel Half Stick Set of 80
Sennelier Soft Pastel Half Stick Set of 120
Canson Mi-Teintes Touch A3 SANDED 
Adjustable Drawing Board 

Lists 1&2 - From Home/Supermarket  
Masking Tape 35mm or wider
Packet of Baby Wet Wipes