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OIL Painting Classes - Brisbane

Brisbane Oil Painting Classes for Beginners

Class Times:
Saturdays | 10am - 12pm

The ART101 studio offers tuition in several methods of painting with oils with an emphasis on the Flemish & Venetian techniques as a most thorough process of understanding tonal values through preparatory paint sketching and grisaille underpainting finished with layers of transparent colour glazing.

Oil paints are often considered the finest of painting mediums and preferred among career artists and art collectors. Used for hundreds of years by the great European masters, this medium has robust archival properties ensuring artworks stand the test of time.

Oils are incredibly versatile and lend themselves to a variety of painting methods. Whether thickly applied with sumptuous impasto daubs or built up gradually with numerous layers to create depth and realism; artists who have transitioned from acrylics to oils wonder why they didn’t change sooner.

A perfect choice for still life,  landscape and portraiture, oil colours are dependable in that the colour, as mixed when wet, cures perfectly without any darkening, unlike acrylics. The slow drying time of oils allows for perfecting the blending of colours, however modern mediums can be added to speed up the drying time between layers for the more impatient among us.
Once you have purchased your class pack contact us directly on 0450 422 545 with your preferred start date and time.


Examples of student art produced at ART101
Some examples of student works completed in the studio.